About Us

The Reditus Group is an innovative financial services consulting firm with a head office in Brisbane, Queensland and infrastructure across Australia. We specialise in salary packaging, Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) strategies, fleet management and financial planning. Our business is built on a firm foundation of integrity, value and reliability and these principles are imbued within our service offerings and our approach to the people we deal with, be they our staff, suppliers or clients. The Reditus Diamond Advantage is the embodiment of this service ethos. Our wealth of financial knowledge and expertise, innovative technological solutions and forward thinking approach are all integral facets of our client relationships.

The Reditus Reward

We have made it our business to know what is important to you, as an employer. When you make the decision to partner with Reditus, you will reap a range of solid, measurable rewards, including:

  • Simple, seamless and secure solutions
  • Less admin time and resources spent on Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)
  • Smooth, seamless systems and processes integration
  • Access to employee benefits currently underutilised by other remuneration providers
  • An opportunity for you to become known as an ‘employer of choice’ within your industry
  • The consolidation of paperwork and processes by using one remuneration policy
  • Significant payroll on-cost savings
  • Less time and resources spent on fleet management
  • A healthy, cohesive working culture and a satisfied, productive workforce
  • An increased value proposition and competitive advantage over your industry rivals
  • An increased value proposition and competitive advantage over your industry rivals
  • Ongoing support for FBT management and employees participating in salary packaging

“The diamond has become a standard of quality, competance, value and excellence. The Reditus Diamond Advantage means every step of our partnership offers a measurable reward.