Salary Packaging

Reditus is leading the way in formulating sound salary packaging solutions for companies in Queensland and across Australia. Our wealth of experience in salary packaging and detailed knowledge of Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) and how it affects your salary packaging requirements means we are able to formulate tailored, relevant salary packages for all of your employees that will ensure higher net remuneration for them while also benefiting your business.

Salary Packaging Assessments

We address each employee’s particular needs individually when assessing salary packages. We identify which benefits are best to include in your salary package and which are exempt from Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT), with the aim of maximising your remuneration package and boosting your employer’s bottom line.

Salary Packaging Benefits

  • Higher net remuneration for your employees
  • Fully maintained novated lease and associate lease strategies
  • Access to a broader range of employee benefits
  • Ensuring compliance with FBT legislation and processes
  • Automated authorisation processes to simplify payroll systems
  • A fair work culture and satisfied and more productive workforce
  • Increased staff retention and recruitment
  • Access to information regarding under-utilised employee benefits
  • Significant payroll on-cost savings
  • Ongoing support and education for all employees participating in salary packaging