Backed by a management team with a distinguished record of customer focus, our people are encouraged to work independently and creatively, alongside their clients, to craft the best solutions to their environmental needs.

David Jackson 
Principal Hydrogeologist

EIANZ Certified Environmental Practitioner - Site Contamination Specialist (SC40989)

David is a strong believer in collaboration. Through implementing this principal, David has formed and continues to create strong relationships with local and global technology providers to ensure our clients receive pragmatic and fit for purpose solutions.

Dean S Headshot.jpg
Dean Stafford 
Principal Environmental Scientist

Dean has over 16 years experience and has extensive experience working on contaminated site investigations as well as the design, installation, maintenance and monitoring of remediation systems.

Dean strives to provide long-lasting benefits by successfully and cost effectively remediating complex contaminated soil, groundwater and soil vapour at a wide range of industrial, commercial and residential sites involving solvents, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, asbestos and PFAS.

Lee Douglass 
Principal Hydrogeologist

EIANZ Certified Environmental Practitioner - Site Contamination Specialist (SC40974)

Lee has over 15 years experience as a hydrogeologist, having worked on numerous bore water supply projects, groundwater supply/resource assessments, dewatering and groundwater impact assessments for a diverse range of industry sectors.

Together with a strong understanding of complex contamination issues and remediation technologies, Lee has successfully delivered contamination assessment and remediation across large site portfolios.

Danielle Toase.jpg
Dr Danielle Toase
Principal Environmental Scientist

EIANZ Certified Environmental Site Practitioner (No. 1296).


Dr Danielle Toase is a Geochemist and Principal Environmental Scientist with professional experience in consulting, remediation contracting, regulation, technical advisory services and research. 

Danielle's specialist areas include PFAS, chemical fixation, remediation, environmental site investigations, contaminated site assessment and management, waste, environmental regulation and compliance, Resource Recovery Orders and Exemptions, Specific Immobilisation Approvals (SIAs) and the provision of specialised technical advisory services. 

Greg Bartlett 
Principal Environmental Scientist

Greg has over 15 years’ experience within the fields of contaminated land, waste and civil/environmental remediation.

Greg has been involved in projects of varying complexity including landfills, State Significant Development (Rail), Threatened Species Conservation (Wetland Rehabilitation), offshore remediation works (West Atlas Oil Rig) and emerging contaminants such as PFAS (Qantas and waste management facilities). Project work has been completed for a diverse range of industry sectors including Property Developers, Government Agencies, Oil & Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Construction and Local Councils.

Ashley Barber
Principal Environmental Engineer 

Ashley has over 13 years’ professional experience consulting to real estate investment funds, financial institutions, property developers, civil contractors and government departments on diverse variety of projects throughout Australia.

His capabilities in environmental property due diligence, site assessment, construction environmental management, remediation expenditure forecasting and waste optimisation frequently recognise tangible benefits to the client through risk management, controlling costs and facilitating regulatory approvals.

Mathew Burcher
Senior Scientist 

EIANZ Certified Environmental Site Practitioner (No. 1296).


Mathew Burcher has over 7 years’ consulting experience, providing environmental advice in relation to soil, groundwater contamination issues, environmental auditing and hazardous materials. Mathew has been routinely involved in the development, implementation and management of preliminary and detailed site investigations, auditing of large scale and complex construction projects for environmental/safety compliance, remediation and validation of contaminated sites across regional and metropolitan NSW including the preparation of Remedial Action Plans and Environmental Management Plans. 

Jack Palma.jpg
Jack Palma
Environmental Scientist 

Jack has over four years’ experience in both industry and state based environmental site assessments and remediation projects in both NSW and ACT.

His field experience has provided him with a broad understanding of various soil and groundwater applications and the associated field procedures.

Jack specialises in historical studies, desktop surveys, sample design, soil and groundwater sampling, data interpretation and reporting.

Meg Ensor 
Environmental Scientist 

Since beginning employment with Reditus, Meg has been involved in a variety of soil and groundwater assessments for a variety of purposes including environmental investigations, assessment of contaminated sites and site remediation works.  

Meg has extensive knowledge of foundational geological processes as well as other environmental disciplines such as geomorphology, hydrology and geographical mapping. 

Meg has also assisted in the design and construction of several groundwater monitoring wells for a variety of industry sectors, these include Property Developers, Local Government, Manufacturing, Construction, and the Public Sector.

Christele Sarkis 
Environmental Scientist 

During Christele's time with Reditus she has contributed to a variety of projects involving contaminated land investigation and remediation strategy.  Christele is proficient in sampling of soil, groundwater and soil vapor as well as tabulating, interpreting and reporting laboratory results.

Christele has extensive knowledge of advanced environmental chemistry as well as foundational environmental processes. She has also assisted in the development of site specific  contaminated land maps, providing cost effective solutions for remediation strategy.    

Ross Kingswell  
Environmental Scientist 

Throughout  Ross' experience in the industry he has been involved in a number of different environmental investigations, these include contamination assessments and remediation works for both groundwater and soil.  Ross has assisted in data extraction and correlation on a wide variety of geotechnical and environmental projects, allowing for efficient desktop site assessments.

Ross has assisted senior environmental and geotechnical engineers to ensure that projects run to schedule while retaining quality work practices.