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Restoring Futures.


(Latin Reditūs: signifies a  returning, a revolution, restoration)



Reditus Consulting Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian privately owned and operated specialist environmental consultancy established in 2019.

Backed by a management team with a distinguished record of customer focus, our people are encouraged to work independently and creatively, alongside their clients, to craft the best solutions to their environmental needs. We encourage employee development by providing ongoing training to ensure that skills meet and exceed current industry standards which are up- to-date with regulatory changes and technological advances.

Our Principal Scientists and Directors are Certified Environmental Practitioner – Contaminated Land Specialists with a strong commercial focus on the delivery of every project to ensure it's on time and on budget.

Each passionate team member brings a wealth of experience, specialised knowledge and technical expertise to Reditus.

Employee Owned Business Model

We have proudly created a culture where long-term financial success is shared by all hard-working team members.


Australian Owned With Global Standards

Reditus Consulting is an Australian owned professional consultancy firm with service and advice founded on international best practice. 

We collaborate with a wide global network of experts across various fields.

Certified Environmental Practitioner
Certified Environmental Practitioner

Professional Reputation

We work with transparency and integrity, enabling clients to achieve their end goals in the most timely and cost-effective way.

Suitability Qualified and Experienced under NEPM 2013:

EIANZ Certified Environmental Practitioner – Site Contamination Specialists

Innovative Technology

Our team of experts provide systematic problem solving strategies based on proven scientific advancements.

Reditus are at the forefront of understanding and selecting the right remediation technology specific to your unique site characteristics.

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